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What is this?

This is the official page of the Game-X project. Its purpose is to move from classical object-oriented programming towards mark-up language programming. Rather than coding the routines needed to generate animations by changing the pixel's position and their colors, Game-X aims to move towards a mark-up language based development, where in order to develop and play a game, it is enough to describe how objects look and how they are allowed to interact.


The project aims to bring something new, interactive and mind-opening. This work is based on innovation, creativity and bringing the software development process to a new stage.

The project will be built by means of accumulation, in gradual steps. We welcome new members in this project and we'll maintain an open invitation to join; however not all contributions will be accepted.

We aim to support multi-platforms and several operating systems. We will give priority to supporting platforms that have open development philosophies and are based on open technologies but we will not limit our support to them.

We aim towards code modularity and good software design.

Who are we?

For the time being there are two persons working on this project. We are two students from Romania which decided to spend their free time like this.


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